About Us

Why We Do this

In these days when travel is so easy and the world so small, families are spread so far apart that there is a separation of the generations. Grandparents and grandchildren, who used to spend time together daily or at least weekly, see each other 3 or 4 times a year- some less. Also there are ladies without grandchildren and many girls without a grandpa or a grandma. Grandmas and girls is a way to bridge that gap in your church/community.

What We Do

Grandmothers volunteer their time to bring life lessons to girls who are missing their grandmothers. Grandmas and Girls is  open to any school age girl and any grandma or grandma wanna be. We generally meet one Sunday a month right after church. We fix lunch together and eat family style. We try different foods and teach the girls how to prepare them. Simple tasks for the younger girls while the older ones do more complicated tasks, each girl helps set table and each helps clean up. Following lunch we work on a craft or skill building area for the girls. We teach them things they would learn from their grandmothers, like cross stitiching, beadwork, or making fancy food (like mini cakes and tomato roses). We also work on etiquette, a dying art. During our afternoon as we work together we talk of how it was when we were girls their age. We share our love of the Lord Jesus Christ and try to open the world around them, to help them see the many opportunities before them. In addition they learn to make a card or a quilt, we bake cookies and visit shut ins - doing the things they would do with their grandmothers- not only does it fill an empty space in the life of a grandma or girl, it also binds the generations together.

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